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Q: I’ve purchased a membership. How do I get access?!

A: Simple. Once you have paid for your membership – Check your Email Inbox you specified for delivery in ALL MAIL Folders. You will receive an Email Receipt from JVZOO with your log in details – use your log in details to access your purchase. Once you have registered your account with US – Check your email once again in a few minutes and you will see how to Activate your account and Log in to get started with the course!

Q: Is there a return policy ?

A: Yes. There is a SAME DAY return policy on this product

Q: Can I get paid to refer others to this product ??

A: YES ! You earn 45% Instant Paid PayPal commissions for referring others to this club and course!

Q: I need help who can I contact ??

A: Contact Support …

Email :
Subject: Support  …
and someone will respond in 24-48 to guide you along with your membership!